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30 - M. Behboodi (with M. Baziar, H. Sharif ), Uniformly classical primary submodules, Comm. Algebra 40 (2012) 3192–3201. (ISI)

We shall introduce the notion of uniformly classical primary submodule that generalizes the concept of uniformly primary ideal as given by J. A. Cox and A. J. Hetzel. We also advance the companion concepts of fully uniformly classical primary module and uniformly primary compatible module. Along these lines, we present a characterization of Noetherian rings R for which every R-module is fully uniformly classical primary and we present a characterization of rings R for which every finitely generated R-module is uniformly primary compatible. Results illustrating connections among the notions of uniformly classical primary submodule, uniformly primary ideal, and uniformly primary submodule as given by R. Ebrahimi-Atani and S. Ebrahimi-Atani are also provided.

March, 2012


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